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Open System Solutions: a company with history, always standing by its clients!
Our Company

Pioneers in the creation of integrated software solutions

We have been running Open System Solutions for decades, staying true to our vision, which focuses on the design of innovative IT systems and integrated solutions to meet all needs and requirements in the market.

Our main objective is to serve our clients’ needs and fulfill their expectations in a prompt and uninterrupted way. At the same time, we make sure to always provide high level support services and reliable solutions, ensuring the optimum performance of the IT systems we create, install, supervise and support.

Priorities of OSS: quality, simplicity, credibility and innovation, values which distinguish the software solutions. Our willingness for constant customer service, the transparency at transactions, honesty and loyalty in communication complete the values of our support services for our customers.

Every value represents each one of us, forming that way, not only our company, but also its philosophy for the materialization of its vision, namely, the creation of the most integrated software solutions in the Greek Market.



Our philosophy

Our philosophy in solution development and client service

  • We make sure to develop products and solutions that increase their demand and are provided with a completely affordable financial benefit, while at the same time they meet the needs of all interested parties involved in the value chain (employees, shareholders, transactors, society).
  • Through our client-centric approach and methodical work methods, we can really guarantee the smooth and uninterrupted operation of each company we undertake as a client, but we can also help it evolve for decades to come, since the systems we provide are integrated and reliable solutions in the sectors we specialize in.
  • By keeping track of our clients’ needs and market developments, we create respective solutions in order to enhance our products’ usability and the clients’ commitment to our company through the service provided.

According to our clients, our solutions are:

Timeless · Operational · Affordable · “Value for money”.



Business sectors

Business sectors where OSS is involved

OSS is involved in the following business sectors,providing software solutions:

  • Chains of Food stores & Bakeries - Pastry shops
  • Retail Shops (Food, Grocery Stores, Fruit Stores)
  • Small Retail (Mini Markets, Kiosks, Press Outlets)
  • Restaurants
  • Ferry Companies (accounting departments of Ferry Companies)
  • Service Provision
  • Commerce 
  • Structural Equipment 
  • IT and Computers (sales, services & after-sales service)
  • Μεταποίηση
  • Χονδρικό εμπόριο 
  • Machinery Equipment (industrial, food, restaurant)
  • Gyms and Well-Being Centres (fitness, wellness) 
  • Υπηρεσίες εφοδιαστικής αλυσίδας (Μεταφορές Logistics)
    • Μεταφορές (Εκτελωνιστικά Γραφεία)
    • Μεταφορές (διαμεταφορείς / freight forwarders)

We have an active client list in the above sectors and some of our companies-clients are pioneers in their market sector.


Integrated solutions

Integrated software solutions of OSS

We provide the following software systems to our clients:

  • Open Accounting ERP
  • Open Retail Suite
  • Open Fitness Suite
  • Open CRM
  • Vessels & Freight Management
  • Forwarding & Agency Management
  • Open WMS

They cover the activities of any company, they can be modified and adjusted to every need or process, leading to improved tasks and higher productivity.


Why choose OSS?

Immediate solutions
Immediate solutions

We guarantee the immediate resolution of any question or problem you may have in relation to the operation, possibilities and effectiveness of your Open system.

7/7 Support
7/7 Support

You enjoy continuous & uninterrupted support & service, 7 days a week.

Evolution & Development
Evolution & Development

You achieve a smooth rate of operation, development and expansion for your company over time.

Time Saving
Time Saving

You save time, money & reliability, whether you have a small business, a franchise chain, a major supermarket chain or a multinational company.

The Open Retail Suite is the most reliable, easier to use, faster and most competitive system in the Greek market of retail sales software applications.
The basis of each management system by OSS is the Open Accounting Suite. Since “details make the difference”, now you have a real opportunity to take full advantage of this application’s characteristics and possibilities, in order to enhance your company’s profitability and development!

10 + 2 points, where the system excels.

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