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Human Health Club
Polyvalent centres management

Open Fitness Suite
Polyvalent centres management

The company is active in the gym sector, by operating a polyvalent center, i.e. a center that provides all the services related to health (training - nutrition – beauty). The owner was looking for a program that would cover all the gym’s operational needs, accounting needs, as well as the overall monitoring of the company.

OSS has fulfilled all the above business needs with Open Fitness and Open Accounting. For the gym, great emphasis was placed on the detailed data of members, monitoring the appointments of the various departments, monitoring the storeroom, detailed movements of the members and suppliers. In order to better fulfil the company’s needs, a statistics group was established, which allowed for checking and extracting conclusions very easily.

The software offers you the possibility to fully monitor your client, by having the advantage of the best possible service!!

The Open Fitness Suite seems ideal for my business. How can I learn more?

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Watch a brief explanatory video for the OPEN Fitness system

Watch a brief explanatory video for the OPEN Fitness system

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