Clients' opinions

Clients' opinions

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“It can prove its excellence”
Handrakis Stelios - Treasurer Hellenic Seaways Μaritime S.A

We have been using the ERP business software Open Accounting for more than a decade and we are perfectly satisfied with the Open System Solutions’ services. Particularly in the last few years, we have integrated many different modules in the main accounting program, which have led to improving the operations of the Financial Directorate and the Supplies Directorate, eliminating bureaucratic processes, saving resources and time and, in general, to the digital transformation of the company’s business processes.

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“The details make the difference”
Marios Filos - IT & Telecommunications Manager OK Anytime Market S.A.

Our search for a suitable system for our chain led to the selection of Open Retail Suite in 2011. The software stands out for its easiness of use, very fast response, prompt client service and business owner’s information. The quick adaptation of the application to any of the Group’s requirements, as well as tax provisions, the added value achieved by integrating operations that are on-par with current trends, as well as the stores service, are the main characteristics of Open System Solutions.

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“A great tool for Managers”
Virginia Stavropoulou - Fitness Manager (HUMAN, LA)

Open Fitness Suite is a major tool for Gym Managers. The combination of the statistics provided for contract expiries - renewals, new subscriptions, number of members, unpaid contracts and questionnaires (members’ degree of satisfaction) meets all the needs of a gym.


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“Unique Advantages”
Doukas Nikos - Supermarket owner Member of ASTERAS Group

During my research on the software available in the market in the last few years, I did not come up with one that surpasses the advantages of Open Retail. Simplicity of use, information at exactly the time when it is needed, continuous improvement of processes, uninterrupted, timeless and seamless operation. In combination with the support provided by Open System Solutions, it is the only tool that fully meets the needs of a supermarket. I implicitly recommend it for anybody who is interested in a reliable and functional solution for their shops.

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“Incomparable Advantages”
Kollintzas Alexandros - Shop Manager Super Market in Thrakomakedones Member of ASTERAS Group

We have been using Open Accounting & Open Retail for the last eight years. In our attempt to compete against the large groups doing business in our area, we have Open System Solutions as our ally. All the operational, accounting and administrative needs are fully met by the solutions and support provided by the company. Five of our business activities (Supermarket, butchery, bakery, wholesale, canteen), each with different needs, are fully covered by this software. Really “Incomparable Advantages”.

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«Unique and in small retail»
Stamelou Issidora - Shop Owner “Issidora’s Little Shop”

Using the solution provided by OSS, our shop has an integrated tool which meets all the daily needs for the shop's operation (sales, orders, labels) fast and easy. At the same time, we have at our disposal all the information we need on prices and our relationships with the suppliers. Moreover, with Open Accounting, the accountant can extract and utilize all the necessary financial data. The service provided by the people of OSS is one of the advantages in the cooperation, since they are by our side in order to solve any questions we may have on the software operation and, at the same time, they possess the necessary experience to address any problems in our equipment.

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“A software that meets our requirements”
Tsolis Stratos - Owner of mini market stores All inclusive

I have chosen this software hoping to improve the store’s operation. It has proven to be a valuable tool for the daily management of the store’s operations; as a result, I can be more involved in the business’ organization and development. I have integrated more services in the software and have simplified processes such as selling air time and press - which is now carried out using barcodes. When I had to expand to another store and to integrate additional activities (coffee beverages), the software and people of OSS, with their advice and support, fulfilled our new and different requirements in full.

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«The Franchise chooses Οpen Retail»
Benas Nikitas - Franchise Network Development Directorate BAZAAR S.A.

BAZAAR has selected the solution of Open System Solutions for its Franchise Network. The software fully meets the shop owners’ requirements in terms of very fast and valid client service, as well as their requirements in terms of information and statistics. Whenever needed, there is an easy upgrade from a retail program for a supermarket to a full ERP suite and information for a company, such as monitoring branches and the accounting department’s needs. Let me also note that is meets all the information needs of ΒΑΖΑΑR S.A.

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“Serve your clients better”
Karali Maria - Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer (Human, Overall)

Open Fitness covers all business needs of a polyvalent center. Great emphasis was placed on the detailed data of our members, monitoring the appointments of our various departments, monitoring the storeroom, detailed movements of our members and suppliers. The statistics enable us to check and extract conclusions very easily. The software offers you the possibility to fully monitor your clients, by having the advantage of the best possible service!!

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“It has really solved all our problems”
Τσουκαλά Κρίστα - Accounting Manager NIMA ΤΡΟΦΙΜΑ ΙΚΕ Franchise της Bazaar

We are involved in the food sector as a Franchise of Bazaar, with two stores in Attica. The solution provided by OSS with Open Retail in the stores and Open Accounting for the accounting department is really the ideal one for us. It always offers updated proposals and solutions that contribute both to the development and evolution of our company. There is full and perfect training and alignment with the new demanding accounting standards & data; thus, we can achieve the best possible results in terms of the monitoring and development of both the commercial and financial sector of our business. 

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“An ERP solution at the right price”.
Bouhounas Christos - Administrator

When I began my business, I chose this particular solution, because I had already been using it in a multinational environment and knew that I could gradually integrate the choices that would meet the company’s daily operational needs. To date, all the requirements for an activity with multi-corporate units, imports, B2B communication needs, automation for electronic data exchange (EDI), as well as accounting needs, have been met with success in cooperation with the people of Open System Solutions, who support our company’s efforts, so that it can compete in the actual business environment.


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«Αποτελεί πλεονέκτημα για την Ακτοπλοΐα»
Papagiannopoulou Cornelia - Accounting Manager Ship conglomerate of Saronikos

We have chosen Open Accounting ERP for the operation of our accounting department, in order to utilize the advantages integrated by OSS. The on line communication with the banks and the update of our systems with the agents deposits is really an innovative competitive advantage. Its interaction with the bookings systems of SYMBOL is immediate, and the statistics provided by the system on tickets transactions have improved the quality of our information. The uninterrupted systems operation, the guidance and support of Open System Solutions on potential issues that may occur, are some additional aspects of the solution.

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“Innovative advantages”
Karpouzas Kostas - IT Manager Argos Europe Ltd.

Through the use of the Open Retail application by OSS, Press Gallery-type shops (Doukissis Plakentias Metro Station, Golden Hall, Athens Metro Mall) operate with the necessary speed and stability, successfully addressing traffic at peak times. The software has the innovative feature of selling newspapers and magazines with barcodes, which is automatically updated by the systems of ARGOS. For ARGOS-EUROPE, the immediate and integrated service provided by Open System Solutions is another advantage of our cooperation, which rank it among our reliable partners.

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“We implicitly recommend OSS!!!”

We chose to install a well-known software solution so as to avoid operational issues.

After one year and a half of unsuccessful efforts to operate properly, we chose the solution of OSS.

Within three months, we had resolved all our problems and, within six months, we had implemented much more than we had wished for.

We are very grateful to the people of Open System Solutions who provide such solutions and have the proper knowledge on issues occurring at supermarkets.

“It has solved our problems”

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“Fast and simple client service”
Thodoris Tsilis - Store owner. “FRESH CORNER”

The needs of a grocery & greengrocery store, in terms of software, are that it can operate fast when you need it.

By using the Open Retail, we serve our clients fast during peak times. With one move, by selecting the item we want on the touch screen, the software will weigh and enter the item on the receipt. We fulfil our daily needs for price changes and order creation at our suppliers, in a fast and simple way. In our efforts to better organize our work we have OSS as an ally, which always proposes functional and reliable solutions both in terms of equipment and software.


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"Καλύπτει τις ανάγκες  Αρτοποιίας & Ζαχαροπλαστικής"
Bonos George - Shop Manager

The same as in the OK shops, the Open Retail software and OSS have fulfilled all the needs required for carrying out the specific activity. All in one equipment (weighing, printing and sales). Printing vouchers by wireless terminals, special screens for the clients’ faster service. Even our need for mobile invoicing on a car (XVAN) was covered. All the needs covered by the same software.

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‘Valuable help for Pilates Studios’
Nikos Barlos - Vital Studio

With the Οpen Fitness software, we monitor members’ subscriptions, issue receipts and contracts easily and simply. Any changes that have been requested in order to comply with the terms of service provision listed in our clients’ contracts, as well as the data required by our accountant, were directly covered by our Company’s Support Department. We have achieved the efficient management of our activities and, at the same time, improved the services we provide to our members.


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'Covers also the needs of Gregorys stores’
Rempouskos Dimitris - Gregorys Attiki Odos Port Side

Open Retail fully meets the operational needs of a ‘GREGORY’S΄ shop. Fast sales screens with daily items, Grouping items on the screen per category, special screen for sandwiches. Advertising screens for product promotion, connection with the keyboard for sandwiches and the cashier machines. At the same time, OSS also covers technical support issues, having the experience to address equipment problems. We are perfectly happy! 

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«Open Retail your reliable partner»
Express Market Maroussi - Owner Express Market Mouroutsos

In our search for a suitable system for our shop, we selected Open System Solutions and the Open Retail software. The reliable, daily operation of the software, the immediate information on profitability and the integrated company support provided have justified our choice.

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