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Gym Management

Open Fitness Suite
Gym Management

The company is active in the gym sector, by operating on of the largest gyms in the Heraklion area, in Athens.

The company’s needs for information and reliability in the operation of the application lead it to choose Open Fitness.

The software fully met the needs of the organization concerning daily tasks and information.

The combination of the statistics provided for contract expiries - renewals, new subscriptions, number of members, unpaid contracts and questionnaires (members’ degree of satisfaction) meets all the needs of a gym. The organization, reminders, control and monitoring of salespersons’/trainers’ Daily tasks to call potential clients and those whose contracts are about to expire are carried out very easily and, in combination with the organization of appointments for group classes, are among the most important advantages of the software. The easy adaptation of the software to the actual business needs, as well as the support provided by Open System Solutions, are additional advantages of the solution.


The Open Fitness Suite seems ideal for my business. How can I learn more?

Arrange for a free presentation of Open Fitness at your space

Watch a brief explanatory video for the OPEN Fitness system

Watch a brief explanatory video for the OPEN Fitness system

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