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The problem

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The problem

The “OK Anytime Markets” chain, as part of constantly developing and improving its services, was looking for a software that could improve the speed of execution for daily tasks in franchise shops, would increase the business owners’ flow of information, would expand client service with new services, and would offer the possibility to form and manage the processes using a uniform infrastructure.

The solution

The Benefits

- Improving the services provided through faster client service, as well as the addition of extra services with the same software (All in one). Such services are: paying utilities bills, selling prepaid cards and air time, selling tickets, issuing vouchers on a thermal printer at the cashier, such as the invoice, the retail receipt and the direct connection with the bank POS.

- Decreasing the time required by human resources to complete the processes, by exploiting and organizing the sales data provided by the double-entry software system, offering dynamic advantages, such as: shop conformity though the cashier report, the shop cashier balance, stocks and profitability control, speed and information flow in order reception, as well as other innovations included in the software.

- Improving the competitiveness of ΟΚ Anytime Markets, in terms of both the application of the above as well as the faster implementation of new processes, using the services of Open System Solutions, which directly integrates market practices in the software, creating competitive advantages.

Quantitative & Qualitative Benefits

There are numerous quantitative and qualitative benefits resulting from the answers provided by the company and shop owners, according to the results of a relevant research:

- Increasing the number of clients by more than 20%, thanks to the integration of the possibility to pay Utilities bills and sell prepaid time

- Improving the wholesale client service speed by 80%, thanks to the direct issuance of invoices at the cashier

- Improving stock management by at least 40% through the process of inventory, electronic purchases entry, and the wireless mobile devices module

- Minimizing operators’ mistakes by more than 80% thanks to the direct communication between the software and the POS

- Enhancing the flow of information by 100% thanks to Internet access to shop sales from any device

- Improving the quality of information by 80%, by separating receipts with individual items into different receipts (tickets for means of transport, air time, lottery tickets)

As far as the results from the use of the software are concerned, the users mentioned the following:           

  • Quick and valid client service.
  • Added value processes.
  • Simple use of applications.
  • Quick closure of shifts, cashiers and Ζ.
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple cashiers.
  • Faster issuance of receipts.
  • Minimization of mistakes.

As regards the problems solved by the use of the software, the replies are summarized as follows:

  • Quick and direct client service
  • Response by the retail application
  • Information for the business owner
  • Easy to use
  • Very fast reboot
  • Minimization of computer freezing
  • Small database that does not overload the computer
  • Detailed description of process
  • Very clear idea of the store's statistics and financial data

Concerning the benefits resulting from the use of the software, the operators mentioned the following:

  • Quick and direct client service.
  • Direct and very fast response to potential problems in the operation of the application through remote control.
  • Quick adaptation of the application to any of the Group’s requirements, as well as tax provisions.
  • Added value offered by integrating operations that are on-par with current trends.
  • A Lightweight application, compatible with both old and new (but with limited features) hardware.
  • Easy and quick (now) possibility for live update through the application, in order to add new features or bugfixes.
  • Out-of-the-box online information for the business owner from smart devices with a multitude of information.
  • Easy upgrade from a retail program for a supermarket to a full ERP suite and information for a company, such as monitoring branches, etc.

In reply to the question about unresolved problems of the software and/or improvements that would be considered useful, the operators mentioned the following:

  • There are no unresolved problems.
  • Improvement could be made to the User Interface - this process has already started.
  • It would also be useful to support the RDBMS by Microsoft (SQL Server) in the future.

Other benefits through the use of the software

-    Reducing the time required by the accounting department by 5% for an accounting department with 10 people

-    Decreasing the time required to create accounting records by 3%; respectively, increasing the decision-making speed by 3%

Please note that approximately 9,5 mil transactions take place per year, and service is provided to 30 thousand citizens per day.

Marios Filos

IT & Telecommunications Manager of “OK Anytime Markets S.A.”



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