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Business Intelligence Solution
Business Intelligence Solution

Solutions by Open System Solutions use the TARGIT Decision Suite as a Business Intelligence system.

The TARGIT Decision Suite operates with any data source (ERP, CRM, WMS, Excel files, text files, etc.) and any combination thereof, achieving very high performances with guaranteed stability and with a much lower cost than the one for competitive applications.

The TARGIT Decision Suite is the most flexible, easy to implement and learn, and user-friendly Business Intelligence application. It integrated advanced characteristics and technologies, such as:

- CALM Technology (Computer Aided Leadership & Management).

- Generating analyses, reports and dashboards with just a few clicks.

- Feature for scenarios investigation in real time (What-if).

- “Agents” that send automatic warnings for changes in critical aspects of the company.

- “Sentinels” that investigate all the company activity in order to ascertain statistical connections and trends.

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