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The problem

Open Accounting  ERP
The problem

The company is involved in selling structural machinery, their service, as well as other commercial activities. It represents major foreign companies in this specific field, including their spare parts (HYUNDAI, WIRTGEN, KLP). What it really needed was a system through which it could automate and monitor the processes for spare parts offers (900,000 codes) to its clients, as well as their transformation into vouchers. Moreover, there was a need for the continuous monitoring, in real time, of machinery, spare parts guarantees, as well as for the possibility to invoice spare parts and merchandise by integrating transportation costs. In addition, it should be noted that the company had multiple storage areas, a certified storeroom and analytical accounting.

The solution

Using Open Accounting by Open System Solutions, HELMA has implemented the following requirements. Importing spare parts and pricelists by the foreign companies is now automated. The offers to clients are now dispatched by the respective module, which is integrated into Open Accounting. The offers are transformed into clients orders and the clients orders into orders to suppliers. The clients orders are transformed into sales vouchers and the suppliers orders into purchase vouchers. All the above are correlated, so that someone can check, through the CRM, the status of an offer and the personnel’s response time. For each structural machinery, the system correlates all the information from all similar activities (machinery purchases and sales, spare parts and services sales) that relate to it, so as to obtain an overall view of the machinery’s activity. The company monitors the results from the business activities through the cost centers of general accounting. It also monitors the business expenses (telephones, cars, etc.), through the accounting expenses module.

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