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The need

Open Accounting  ERP
The need

As a multinational company, Bull needed to maintain accounts at two levels. At a local level, in order to fulfill its tax obligations, and at mother company level, in order to follow the processes of the mother company. The company’s information needs required immediate sales invoicing, monitoring of income and expenses per cost center within the accounting department; in addition, there was an urgent need to monitor the company’s machinery, spare parts and projects.

The solution

All the above needs were implemented through Open Αccounting. Invoicing takes place immediately. The accounting article of the sale also shows the respective invoicing, in the form of transaction on the sales cost account, as well as the respective decrease in the stock account. The storeroom operates with the FIFO method. The entries for the mother company follow a different calendar settlement. The monitoring of income and expenses per cost center is carried out by general accounting, to enable the immediate extraction of financial reports and conclusions. The entries are distributed in the specified cost centers. Fixed costs are monitored through the Storeroom module with automatic entries in the Fixed Costs register. The fixed costs are amortized using two methods. Special methods to create financial clients proposals and order to suppliers.

Special monthly reporting for the mother company (Cash flow, Gross Margin, Profit and Loss, Cost of Operation). Maintaining Analytical Accounting.

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